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to' nech 91-100

K: bIvmoH.
Gloss: Cause the rules to be broken.
Eno/Schmidt: Allow an easement (an easement is the abandonment of a stricture)

K: bIpo' 'e' yI'ang.
Gloss: Reveal that you are skilled.
Eno/Schmidt: Display your talent

K: potlh tIteq.
Gloss: Remove the important things.
Eno/Schmidt: Take away the important parts

K: ghogh pup'a'?
Gloss: Is the voice right?
Eno/Schmidt: Is the tuning appropriate?

K: ngeDwI' tIDoHQo'!
Gloss: Don't back away from the easy things!
Eno/Schmidt: Don't avoid what is easy

K: jech Sar tIwaH.
Gloss: Try varied disguises.
Eno/Schmidt: Consider different fading systems

K: yIHubchu' pagh yIHubQo'!
Gloss: Either defend it well, or not at all!
Eno/Schmidt: Bridges -build -burn

K: DupmeylIj tItu' ghIq tIlonchu'.
Gloss: Observe your plans, then totally abandon them.
Eno/Schmidt: Discover your formulas and abandon them

K: He QIv yIlo'.
Gloss: Take the wrong route.
Eno/Schmidt: Use an unacceptable color

K: chIch yIchech.
Gloss: Be deliberately drunk.
Eno/Schmidt: Disciplined self-indulgence

Sean M. Burke

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