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RE: Translation

> It is a little longer than I would have hoped it would be,
> maQojtaHvIs 'ej marojtaHvIS, reH mamatlhtaH

The proper english would be just as long.  The phrase you're thinking is
clipped, "War and peace, we are always faithful".  Outside of this classroom
setting, if you want a shorter phrase perhaps to put in an emblem, you might
be able to get away with /veS'e' roj'e' je, reH mamatlh/

> I have another question.  Are proper names capitalized or not; or
> is that up to the individual?

When using the Federation version you would.  When spelled using this
phonetical system that we use here, the letters would be written in their
proper form.

Federation:   Torg,    Picard
tlhIngan Hol: torgh,   pIqarD

DloraH, BG

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