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Re: to' nech 91-100

From: "Sean M. Burke" <>
> K: bIvmoH.
> Gloss: Cause the rules to be broken.

Is this meant to be clipped?  Is it meant to intentionally break the rules,
as the phrase suggests?

Cause (someone unspecified) to break the rules!

> K: bIpo' 'e' yI'ang.
> Gloss: Reveal that you are skilled.


> K: potlh tIteq.
> Gloss: Remove the important things.


> Eno/Schmidt: Take away the important parts

'ay' potlh tIteq.

> K: ghogh pup'a'?
> Gloss: Is the voice right?

Backwards is this.

pup'a' ghogh?

> K: ngeDwI' tIDoHQo'!
> Gloss: Don't back away from the easy things!


> Eno/Schmidt: Don't avoid what is easy


ngeDwI' tIjunQo'!

> K: jech Sar tIwaH.
> Gloss: Try varied disguises.
> Eno/Schmidt: Consider different fading systems

Okay, what does "Consider different fading systems" mean?

> K: yIHubchu' pagh yIHubQo'!
> Gloss: Either defend it well, or not at all!

For "either do this or do that" sentences, the typical pattern is like the

bIDIlbe'chugh vaj bIHegh.
"Buy or die."
If you do not pay then you will die.

I'd say:

DaHubchu'be'chugh vaj yIHubQo'!
If you defend it imperfectly, don't defend it!

Slightly different, in that it's advice and so the final word is phrased as
a command.

I don't think <command> pagh <command> is wrong, but I don't think it's the
most commonly accepted (among Klingons) way of doing it.

> K: DupmeylIj tItu' ghIq tIlonchu'.
> Gloss: Observe your plans, then totally abandon them.

/tu'/ means "notice" and "discover," so I don't think it should be used to
express observation.  Instead of /tItu'/, try /tIbej/ or /tInuD/ or even

> K: He QIv yIlo'.
> Gloss: Take the wrong route.

More literally would be /He muj yIlo'/ or /He muj yIghoS/.

> Eno/Schmidt: Use an unacceptable color

This *might* work as /yIDIjHa'/ . . . .

> K: chIch yIchech.
> Gloss: Be deliberately drunk.

Again, when commanding a state, you must add /-'egh/ and /-moH/:

chIch yIchech'eghmoH.
Cause yourself to be drunk intentionally.

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