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RE: tujpu'

> using ghunchu'wI''s example of [tujpu' bIQ],
> does this mean "the water got hot"?  if so, then the water was
> likely hot for a while after that, i.e., the heating was completed.

When I see /tujpu'/ I see "The action of being hot is completed", thus it is
now cooled down.
If it was /tujchoHpu'/ I would read it as "The action of becoming hot is
completed", thus it could still be hot OR it could have cooled down.

To me "the water got hot" would use -choH.

> ... my point is, can a state verb like [tuj] even take the suffix
> [-pu'], since it does not express an action?

In english it might not be viewed as action.  In klingon you have nouns,
verbs, and everything else.  /tuj/ is listed as a verb.

Think of it in a zen sort of way, "be hot".

DloraH, BG

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