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Re: KLBC: jIrop

jatlh Sean M. Burke:
>rut maroptaHvIS, mapujmoH.

jIyaj, 'ach bIQaghlaw'.  "weaken" 'oH {pujmoH} ja'mo' TKD, "we weaken" DaneH 
'e' vIQub.  'ach {puj} + {-moH} 'oH, vaj "transitive" 'oHlaw'.  {mapujchoH} 

I don't think you meant to say that when we're ill, we sometimes weaken 
something else, I think you meant to say we sometimes _become_ weak.

Or are we supposed to wait for the BG to respond, even if it's a 
non-grammar-related response to a KLBC post?  I was never clear on that.

>'ach reH mapIvqa'DI' maHoSqu'choH, bochbogh taj HeH DIrur!

teH.  batlh bIjatlhpu'.


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