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Re: to' nech, 047: {paghDaq yIghurchoHlI'}

At 12:38 2002-04-16 -0400, David Trimboli wrote:
>From: "Sean M. Burke" <>
> > K: paghDaq yIghurchoHlI'.
> > Gloss: At zero, start increasing.
> > Eno/Schmidt: From nothing to more than nothing
>I don't usually like to combine Type 3 and Type 7 suffixes like this, 
>particularly the "continuous" ones.[...]

The shade of meaning I was aiming for with the vs7 {lI'} was the part about 
that action having an endpoint (which a {taH} wouldn't express).  I guess 
the implication I'm after is "and you'll know when to stop".

Sean M. Burke

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