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Re: ta'Hom mach

At 13:51 2002-04-16 +0000, Sean Healy wrote:
>>One of these days I'll have to get out my French copy of /Le Petit Prince/
>>and see whether I could pull off a restoration of it to Klingon.  Of
>>course, the tone would have to change completely.  Less sentimentality,
>>more stirring combat!
>paqvam vImuS!  jatlh jupwI': Dun paqvam!  Huv paqvam!  vIlaD jIH. nuq 
>vItu'?  DunHa'qu'!  QIpqu'!  "France" Hol chovnatlh vIlaD je.  QIp je.

Absolutely!  That's what makes it a CHALLENGE!  Inside the prison of that 
varray Fronsh saccharine mess of a story, there is a Klingon warrior epic 
trying to get out!  Maybe it can be shown as the tale of a wee vicious 
prince who voyages from world to world looking for an enemy worthy of 
battle, but finding only weak fools not even worth crushing.  Clearly a 
Klingon tragedy of the most soul-rending kind.

Sean M. Burke

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