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Re: ba'

From: <>
> > > > Klingon, if /ba'/ means occupying the chair, what's the difference
> > > > between /ba'/ and /ba'taH/?
> > >
> > > >  None that I can see.
> > >
> > > /-taH/ emphasizes the continuation, telling the reader it is not
> > /-lI'/.
> >
> > Umm, no, the purpose of /-taH/ is not to say it's not /-lI'/.
> I know I'm not good at explaining my thoughts, and its partially due to
> fact that I'm sometimes too brief.  But I felt like screeming some four
> words.
> I am not saying that -taH says its not -lI'.

I'm sorry if I've upset you; that was not my intention.  It certainly LOOKS
like that's what you said and meant.  I don't see how else to read your

> > Personally, I don't think /ba'/ necessarily means continuous occupation
of a
> > chair, couch, etc.  I think it means occupation of a chair, etc., for an
> > unspecified amount of time, maybe an instant, maybe a day, whatever.
> You just gave the same %^$^ definition I gave a couple messages back,
except I
> didn't bother to specify that the time is unspecified.  Of course this
> doesn't include the time; what verb does?

But that non-specificity was the whole point of what I'm talking about.
What you said (or what it very much looked like you said) was that /ba'/
means a continuous sitting.  That it meant "sit" only, as opposed to
including "sit down."  My was simply wondering whether it might also mean
"sit down."  I wasn't challenging you specifically, I was wondering out loud
to the list.

> > /ba'taH/ means said occupation for a period that is expressly
continuous --
> > it's definitely not instantaneous, and the continuous nature of the
> > sitting is important.
> Well, &^%*, you just answered your own question!

I am speculating and giving my opinion on the matter; I don't think this has
an absolute answer at this time.

> We're arguing on the same side of the issue.  We're both saying the same

I believe I was discussing a more subtle point than you were aware of.  I
could be wrong; perhaps I've misunderstood you.

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