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What does Sean want?

Someone recently asked what Sean Burke wants us to do with this
collection of aphorisims he keeps sending, since he seems
impervious to criticism of grammar or approach.  I had a
brief side conversation with him, and I think basically what
he wants is for us to read his Toe Nails, recognize we are in
the presence of true genius, and uncritically praise him. 
Believing himself to be superior to just about everyone on
this list in experience or skill, he is generally immune to
our criticism.

I agree with the person who wondered why, if we did not visit
his work and comment on it when he had it on his Website, he
decided it was a good idea to start posting it here.  On the
plus side, there are only 100 Oblique Startegies, so he's
almost half-way done.

Ironically, if he had just started posting them and said,
'Here's some Klingon aphorisms I made, very loosely based on
The Oblique Strategies", I would have no problem with him at
all.  What really cheesed me off was his inability or 
unwillingness to take the criticism when his translations
veered widely from the originals, and then to claim that
it wasn't his problem of faulty comprehension of the original
or of sloppy translation into Klingon, but that the problem
was our inability to recognize the Great Artist in our midst!

-- ter'eS

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