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Re: to' nech, 019: {jev'a'meyna'.}

>K: jev'a'meyna'.

{jev} "storm" is a verb.  You may not use noun suffixes on it.

>Gloss: Great storms.
>Eno/Schmidt: Cascades

Even without the confusion between verbs and nouns, this is a wholly
inadequate translation.  You haven't captured anything about the original;
you've just substituted something different for it.

If you claim poetic license, you're going to have to expand on what you're
thinking if you want constructive comments.  As it is, you're annoying a
bunch of people, myself included, who want to use the language in order to
communicate.  Translating stacks of short, cryptic phrases -- especially
translating them *badly* -- does not help anyone.

wej bItob'eghpu'.  wej mughmeH DIb Dabajpu'.  ghomvam DaSoDpa', yIghaq.
ghaqbe' mughtaHghachqoqmeylIj.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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