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Marc Okrand's autograph (Was: Re: po')

 > To Chris - tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI' po'! Qapla'! Marc Okrand
 > He also wrote the  same thing in my Blue Klingon Dictionary I had him
 > sign. So that was at least two uses of po' as a noun in one day.

Like anyone who signs autographs, and to avoid intensive analysis of what 
he writes, Marc has a fairly small number of inscriptions that he puts in 
books presented to him.

Does anyone have any inscription that does NOT consist of one or more of:

tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI' po'
not yIjegh
tlhIngan wo' jupna'  (actually it looks like jup na', but Marc has never 
tasted me)
tlhIngan tIgh DaHaDrup'a'?

Hmm, I own way WAY too many copies of Marc's books, including two 
completely pristine copies of KGT.  I thought I must have accidentally 
acquired them at a qepHom, but according to the receipt in the front of one 
of them, I bought them both at the same time at a nearby 
bookstore.  jImaw'.  paqmeyvamDaq pongDaj ghItlhchugh Marc, ghaytan 
<choghIj, ngotlhwI' maw'> ghItlh.

jInaSlaH: I could ask him to inscribe it to multiple people, moHaq choH 'e' 

not pejegh. :)

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