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Re: to' nech, 019: {jev'a'meyna'.}

From: "Alan Anderson" <>
> >K: jev'a'meyna'.
> >Gloss: Great storms.
> >Eno/Schmidt: Cascades
> Even without the confusion between verbs and nouns, this is a wholly
> inadequate translation.  You haven't captured anything about the original;
> you've just substituted something different for it.
> If you claim poetic license, you're going to have to expand on what you're
> thinking if you want constructive comments.

What he's trying to do, I believe, is intentionally mimic an imperfect
translation in such a way as to have ironically (more or less) amusing end
results.  He's working from an unstated fiction that Eno and Schmidt speak
Klingon, albeit badly, and have attempted to translate the Oblique
Strategies to or from (I haven't quite figured out which) Klingon.  He is
presenting this fiction to us as if it were an actual work of Eno and
Schmidt.  Finally, his purpose is also to revel in the irony of "oblique
strategies" being difficult for us to decipher, even with a translation

I agree that this sort of thing really doesn't belong on the list.  It's
confusing, to say the least, which is its purpose.  He hasn't really been
clear on exactly what kind of comments he wants from us, as you point out.
It obviously isn't grammatical help; that's been tried.  I think he wants
assistance in increasing the irony of the intentional mistranslations.

It would be better of Sean were to put together a Web page with the sayings
on it, and provide us with a link to it, so that those who are interested
can view them and comment on them in private correspondence with Sean.
While his posts ARE on topic, they are also offensive to some, and he would
be seen as the good guy, and be better served, if he were to take them
off-list.  I think this would be to everyone's benefit, including his.

Stardate 2285.3

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