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Re: Marc Okrand's autograph (Was: Re: po')

ja' Qov:
>Does anyone have any inscription that does NOT consist of one or more of:
>tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI' po'
>not yIjegh
>tlhIngan wo' jupna'
>tlhIngan tIgh DaHaDrup'a'?

My original, falling-apart TKD second edition is inscribed:

  tlhIngan Hol HaDwI'.
  not yIjegh.

In my copy of the Portugese "Dicionário da Língua Klingon", he wrote:

  tlhIngan jatlhwI' po'

('ach tlhIngan jIHbe' net Sov!)

>Hmm, I own way WAY too many copies of Marc's books, including two
>completely pristine copies of KGT.

ghuy'cha'.  jav mu'ghommey vIghaj jay'!  ngo' wa' 'ej SuD; ghegh 'etDaj.
Qopchu' wa'.  latlh ghoQ :) vIghaj je.  German, Portugese, Italian je
Sarmey vIboSta'.  ghIq TKW, KGT, PK, CK je vItogh.

KLI Press paqmey vIbuSHa'ba'taH...

-- ghunchu'wI'

>...(actually it looks like jup na', but Marc has never tasted me)

vI'olrup jIH, jup...naah.

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