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Re: /The Klingon Way/ cover

Sean M. Burke wrote:
>It occurs to me to wonder: the background of the cover photo of /The 
>Klingon Way/, does anyone know what that is?  I'd swear the pattern in the 
>stones it's very much like a design I saw once in something that Frank 
>Lloyd Wright did in a house in... Pasadena?  I can't find a photo credit, 
>so I'm quite mystified.

DaH yaHwIjDaq <<tlhIngan tIgh>> vIghajbe'.

Is that the picture of old Kor, Kang and Koloth waving their bat'leths 
menacingly?  If so, it could be a publicity shot for the DS9 episode "Blood 
Oath".  There were several articles published about their reunion in "TV 
Guide", "StarLog" and "Star Trek: Communicator" (the magazine of the 
official Trek fan club) at the time of its first airing.

IIRC there were some outdoor location shots in "Blood Oath", so you might 
be able to find more information about where the episode was filmed online 
in one of those sites that collect Trek trivia.


Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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