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Re: to' nech, 029: {'ay' tu'lu''a'? joj tIqel.}

From: "Steven Boozer" <>

> >K: 'ay' tu'lu''a'?  joj tIqel.
> >
> >Gloss: Are there sections?  Consider the interstices.
> >Eno/Schmidt: Are there sections? Consider transitions
> I've noticed you like to omit optional plural suffixes.  I do too, when
> it's obvious from context (i.e. numbers or verb prefixes).

The other time it's good to omit plural suffixes is when it doesn't really
matter whether the noun is singular or plural.

As a quick example, Captain Klaa, upon hearing that one of the hostages on
Nimbus III was a Klingon, asked


This might mean "Another?" or "Others?" but there is no way at all to
determine which he meant.  And it doesn't matter: there happened to be two
additional hostages, and Vixis names them.

There are times when exact numbers are not relevant.

Stardate 2280.1

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