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Re: /The Klingon Way/ cover

At 14:27 2002-04-12 -0500, Steven Boozer wrote:
>Sean M. Burke wrote:
>>It occurs to me to wonder: the background of the cover photo of /The 
>>Klingon Way/, does anyone know what that is?  I'd swear the pattern in 
>>the stones it's
>Is that the picture of old Kor, Kang and Koloth waving their bat'leths 

That's the one!

I just had a blinding epiphany of the obvious: since I remember the same 
pattern being used in the sets in /Blade Runner/, I just plugged {"Lloyd 
Wright" "Blade Runner"} into Google and found endless information, much to 
my surprise.  It's apparently called the Ennis House or the Ennis-Brown 
house, and it's just over in East Hollywood.

Sean M. Burke

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