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Re: to' nech

ja' "Sean M. Burke" <>:
>I think you misunderstand what I'm doing.  I'm not translating the /Oblique
>Strategies/ into Klingon.  I'm translating them into the /original/ Klingon.
>That is, I'm trying to produce a Klingon text such that the Eno/Schmidt
>/Oblique Strategies/ reads like a smart, artistic, but at times quite
>interpretive translation of the Klingon.

What a weasly, disingenuous thing to say!  _Of course_, you are really
translating the Oblique Strategies into Klingon, whatever pose you
want to adopt.  And you are not doing a very good job at it.  I
haven't been paying much attention to the grammar, but several of
your translations miss the mark entirely, eg. the "Should there
be holes?" card (or should I say "Eno and Schmidt missed the

You seem to have a fairly good grasp of Klingon grammar, but I
agree with those who have said that you are being too literal,
missing the ambiguity of the originals and unable to reproduce
that ambiguity in Klingon.  And it is irresponsible to claim
"I'm being artistic!" each time you botch a translation. 
Until you take responsibility for your work, I would
prefer not to see any more of these things on the list.

-- ter'eS

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