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Re: ghorghvaD 'oH?

toH, DaH choja'pu' <<"I am an ahhhhtist!" jIle'qu'. Dap vIjatlhchugh qay'be'. 
Dap le' 'oH 'ej bIQIpmo' neH DayajlaHbe'!>>


wa'maHben tlhIngan Hol vIjatlhDI' laHwIj nIv law' DaH laHlIj nIv puS. Dap 
DajatlhDI' bIQuchmo' qabuSHa'taHvIS jIQuchlaHtaH. ghaytanHa' potlh DajatlhchoH. 
QInmey vIlaDnISbogh vInuplaH. perlIj ghajbogh QIn'e' vIbuSHa'laH.


> At 14:26 2002-04-11 +0000, wrote:
> >I don't try to translate pithy, cryptic text someone else wrote.
> >If you want to describe the full meaning of "When is it for?" and the context
> >in which it will be used, I'll be happy to comment on it.
> Aw, poor thing.  Am I being insufficiently Cartesian for you?  Do I need to 
> diagram my sentences first?  Or are you not going to give me a gold star 
> unless I start out with {vIghro' "Siamese" vIghaj.  "Fang" vIpong.  qan 'ej 
> qu'.  ghewmey tlha' 'ej Qong}?
> Contextlessness is a kind of context, and crypticness is a kind of 
> clarity.  If you dislike this sort of semiotics, too bad, go back to 
> reading the Z39.50 specs.
> --
> Sean M. Burke

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