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Re: to' nech, 017: {Qoylu'chu''a'?}

Sean Burke:
> > K: Qoylu'chu''a'?
> > Gloss: Is it heard properly?
> > Eno/Schmidt: Is the intonation correct?
> >
> > [I find myself wanting a good word for "a sound" here, so I can ask "Do
> > you like the sound?" or something.]

>wab   "sound"  NWL (New Words List)
>ghogh "voice"  TKD
>QIch  "speech (vocal sounds)"  TKD

For the sake of completeness, add {QoQ} "music" (KGT) to the list, which 
Okrand explained as:

   "meaning musical sound, whether or not a Klingon voice is participating
    in producing this sound" [HolQeD 2.4]

Of these, {wab} "sound, noise" seems to be the most general.  Okrand 
provided an example on startrek.klingon (2/99) that may prove useful:

   'arlogh wab Qoylu'pu'?
   How many times has someone heard the sound?
   How many times has the sound been heard?

BTW, this is a Klingon idiom for "What time is it?"

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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