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Re: to' nech

ja' "Sean M. Burke" <>:
>I think you misunderstand what I'm doing.  I'm not translating the /Oblique
>Strategies/ into Klingon.  I'm translating them into the /original/ Klingon.
>That is, I'm trying to produce a Klingon text such that the Eno/Schmidt
>/Oblique Strategies/ reads like a smart, artistic, but at times quite
>interpretive translation of the Klingon.

wejpuH.  choja' jImughtaHbe'.  toH, bom DIb DapoQ'a'?

Be warned:  if artistic interpretation is your explicit goal, you're
probably going to find your posts virtually ignored by many of the people
here who would otherwise be glad to comment on more straightforward

-- ghunchu'wI'

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