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Re: ghorghvaD 'oH?

jatlh Sean M. Burke:
>Or are you not going to give me a gold star 
>unless I start out with {vIghro' "Siamese" vIghaj.  "Fang" vIpong.  qan 'ej 
>qu'.  ghewmey tlha' 'ej Qong}?

Heyyy.  ghewmey tlha'bogh vIghro'wIj qu''e' vIHIvmoH mu'meylIjmo'.

"French" vIghojbe' "Rabelais" paqmey vIlaDmeH pagh vIlaDmo'.  chaq bIpIm.  
'e' vIvuvlaH.

You can use Klingon however you want, of course.  But you asked for feedback. 
 Don't get upset if it's not the kind of feedback you wanted.


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