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Re: to' nech, 021: {lojmIt yISoQmoH; Hur yItu'.}

On Thu, 11 Apr 2002, Sean M. Burke wrote:
> K: lojmIt yISoQmoH; Hur yItu'.
> Gloss: Close the gate; observe the outside.
> Eno/Schmidt: Shut the door and listen from outside

This may not be wholly appropriate here since I'm not directly
talking about or in Klingon, but I have to say that some of your
glosses are not hitting the mark, so even the accurate Klingon
would not be true to the original, IMO.

For example, with the above, the gloss concluding with "observe
the outside" is backwards from the original, or at least misses
the point.  It's essentially saying, "leave the room, but listen
through the door".  If you "observe the outside", you're missing
what's going on inside that room, which was the point.  At least
I BELIEVE that's what that Oblique Strategy is trying to say...
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