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Re: Yet another translation.

ja' DloraH:
>tlhIngan Hol'e'; DaghojtaH, not DaghojlI'.
>tlhIngan Hol'e'; DaghojtaH, DaghojlI'be'.

ja'pu' "Sean M. Burke" <>:
> The intended pun is the use of the two suffixes "-taH" and "-lI'",
> which both have a similiar meaning.

>These, along with -pu' and -ta', can be fun.

> Maybe the order should be reversed, Im not quite sure.

>tlhIngan Hol'e'; DaghojlI'be', DaghojtaH.
>Both work.  It depends on the feel you want.

I remember a similar play on {-lI'} and {-taH} at qep'a' wejDIch (six years
ago?!).  A group of participants had gotten caught up playing "Encore", a
non-Klingon game involving singing songs.  Another group left the room to
practice Klingon.  I think it was SuStel who returned quite some time later
to find the game still going on, and said something like:

  SubomlI'be' -- SubomtaH!

It was most amusing when the ones who didn't immediately understand it
asked what he had said.  The distinction between the suffixes didn't
survive translation into English without extra commentary.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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