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Yet another translation.

>Welcome to the list.  I am DloraH, currently serving as the list's
>Beginners' Grammarian.  It's my job to help the newbies.  Since you
>mentioned a rule, I'm guessing you read the FAQ, so I can skip
>explaining everything.

Well, actually I didn't read the FAQ, I just read what I got via mail
when I subscribed. I WOULD read the FAQ, but our proxy doesn't like
the server it is on. (Webmail?)
Im going to read it as soon as my private internet connection is
alive again.

Anyway, I've got another question. I'm trying to make a pun. However,
I'm not entirely sure if it works as I want it.
The word "pagh" has many uses, among them the negation, like the word
'not' - is that correct? I hope so, because I used it that way.

Ok, here's what I have thought of, I hope it is correct - I'd be glad
to receive corrections(well, not glad but you know...).

"tlhIngan Hol: DaghojtaH 'ach pagh DaghojlI'. "

I'm not sure if I can translate it correctly, it is supposed to mean
something like "Klingon: you can learn it, but you cannot finish
learning it." Meaning that you will have to learn forever in order to
understand it.
The intended pun is the use of the two suffixes "-taH" and "-lI'", which
both have a similiar meaning.
Maybe the order should be reversed, Im not quite sure.
Also, Id like to get rid off the "pagh" for it creates an unbalance.

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