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RE: could somebody check this translation for me?

> The phrase "the final frontier" is not used here to refer to a physical
> boundary but rather, it is used metaphorically, to mean something
> like "the
> extreme limits of sth" (e.g. knowledge, exploration, achievement, etc).
> Perhaps that sense might be rendered by {qaD'a'}, i.e "greatest, ultimate
> challenge".
> logh.
> qaD'a' 'oH.

This is true.  And qaD'a' could still refer to the physical realm as well.

> >>these are the voyages of the starship Enterprise
> >>'entepray' 'ejDo' lengmey 'oHvam
> >What I see might be a problem is that sometimes pronouns act like nouns,
> >sometimes they act like verbs.  Here it is acting like a verb and has a
> >noun suffix. Plus, the english is "THESE are the ...", which would be
> >/bIH/.
> Would it be clear what /bIH/ refers to?
> Maybe one of the following will work better:
> naDev 'entepray' 'ejDo' lengmey lumuchlu'.
> (Here one presents the voyages of the starship Enterprise)

Your examples are certainly clear.
The english is just as unclear as my example.

DloraH, BG

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