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RE: Sep

> I am at a loss I thought ngagh meant debate

"debate" is /ngach/.

> and nga is not in my TKD

The syllable is /nga'/ (That ' is just as important as any other letter).
/nga'/ by itself is not a word (as far as we know).  With /nga'chuq/ being
"have sex" it certainly looks like /nga'/ with the suffix -chuq, which would
make both participants subjects of the verb and no objects; and perhaps
/nga'/ is some sort of mutated form of /ngagh/.

> but chuq is and means distance or range

The WORD chuq is "range, distance".  There is a verb SUFFIX -chuq, TKD p36.

> please explain your definition for me as I am adding to my vocabulary.

For a complete vocabulary list you need:
TKD (The Klingon Dictionary), don't forget the addendum in the back.
KGT (Klingon for the Galactic Traveler)
NWL (the New Words List) from the KLI website.  This has the words that we
received from Okrand via sources other than TKD and KGT.

(/ngagh/ is in KGT)

DloraH, BG

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