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using ghunchu'wI''s example of [tujpu' bIQ],
does this mean "the water got hot"?  if so, then the water was likely hot for 
a while after that, i.e., the heating was completed.  
the more i look at this example though, the more incongruous it seems.  [pu'] 
on [tuj]?  hmmm.
by the way, in TKD, p.41, it says "This suffix [-pu'] indicates that an 
action is completed.  It is often translated by the English present perfect 
(have done something)."  all three examples have transitive verbs with direct 
my point is, can a state verb like [tuj] even take the suffix [-pu'], since 
it does not express an action?
lay'tel SIvten

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