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RE: po'

Have a signed photo from Okrand, he signed it in front of me. On it he

To Chris - tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI' po'! Qapla'! Marc Okrand

He also wrote the same thing in my Blue Klingon Dictionary I had him
sign. So that was at least two uses of po' as a noun in one day.

Since this comes from Okrand, can't we say that it's a noun, because he
is using it as a noun? I can scan in copies if anyone wants to see it.


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> From: DloraH [mailto:[email protected]]
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> > > > The word {po'wI'} appears only in the text. It is not listed in
> > > > dictionary section.
> >
> > > Because it is simply the verb po' with the suffix -wI'; and po'
> > > is listed in one of the word lists.
> >
> > The noun *{po'} has been floating around for a few years.  According
> my
> > notes, Mark Okrand once inscribed Mark Reed's copy of TKD with
> > Hol po'},
> I've never heard of a noun /po'/.
> All my wordlists show -verb-.
> DloraH

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