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"be'be'" - double negation


As the rules(#3) ask for, Im first going to introduce myself.

Name                : Christoph Pichlmann
Prefered salutation : Christoph
Occupation          : Programmer
Knowlegde of Klingon: not enough

Heres my question: In previous threads(hope it isnt outdated yet), you
were talking about a double negation(be'be'). Beside from right/wrong
(it IS wrong IMHO - but, for example, poets seldom care for that), Id
like to know why you want to use "be'be' "? In my opinion, it "feels"
unnatural, Id rather use "Qo'be' " which would mean almost the same.
It sounds alot like ghobe' I think, but double negations should only
be used for writing anyway if you ask me, because, when spoken,
it would only confuse.

I wasnt sure what title that thread has or should have, therefore I
chose a new one, so it wont conflict with others.

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