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Enterprise (KLBC and question)


I have lost my dictionary.
 mu'ghomwIj vIchIlta'
 We've only just got 'Enterprise' (in New Zealand)
 'Enterprise' wISuqchu'ta' neH
 (I was going to put choH in here but I took it out, I don't know why..(or
 why not...))
 I've recently rejoined the list.
 ghomvam vImuvqa' neH
 If this is a sensitive question don't kill me.
 HIHoHQo'  ?? ??
 qatlh QuchDu'chaj Habbe' tlhInganpu' 'ST:Enterprise'
 What's with the Klingons on ST:Enterprise not having smooth foreheads??
(Disscusion/ speculation)

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