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RE: Enterprise (KLBC and question)

> I have lost my dictionary.

What about your spare copy, or your own custom 'combined words list'?  You
do have these don't you.   :P

>  mu'ghomwIj vIchIlta'

-ta'?  Ouch.
-ta', TKD "...used when an activity was deliberately undertaken" (along with
the meaning that the activity is completed.)
(But then because you don't have your dictionary, you can't look this up.)

>  We've only just got 'Enterprise' (in New Zealand)
>  'Enterprise' wISuqchu'ta' neH
>  (I was going to put choH in here but I took it out, I don't know why..(or
>  why not...))

wISuqchu'ta' - "we have already completely acquired it."
The -ta' says that the acquiring is completed.
-chu', hmm, I'm not sure how to describe what this is doing in this case;
but I think you probably don't what it.
/neH/ is "only" as in "nothing else", not like "recently"; we have a
separate word for that, /qen/
The -choH you decided not to use, you should have.  -choH implies that you
were not getting Enterprise but now you are.
We can do this a few ways:
qen Enterprise wISuqchoH - We recently started getting Enterprise.
Enterprise wISuqchoHta' - We have already started getting Enterprise.
Enterprise wISuqchoH - We are now getting Enterprise.

>  I've recently rejoined the list.
>  ghomvam vImuvqa' neH

Again with /neH/.  This says that you merely rejoined the group and did
nothing else.
qen ghomvam vImuvqa' - I recently rejoined this group.

>  qatlh QuchDu'chaj Habbe' tlhInganpu' 'ST:Enterprise'
>  What's with the Klingons on ST:Enterprise not having smooth foreheads??
> (Disscusion/ speculation)

We do not discuss this with outsiders.  :P

You can't /be smooth/ something.
The noun-noun after the verb says "the Enterprise of klingons"

"Why does the Enterprise of klingons not be smooth their foreheads?"

qatlh Habbe' tlhIngan Quch?
"Why are klingon foreheads not smooth?"

qatlh Habbe' /Enterprise/ tlhIngan Quch?
"Why are the klingon foreheads of Enterprise not smooth?"
 ("Why are the Enterprise's klingons' foreheads not smooth?")
 ("Why are the foreheads of klingons of Enterprise not smooth?")

DloraH, BG

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