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Re: vay' loSbogh ghaH. Suq

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From: "David Trimboli" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 02, 2002 12:58 AM
Subject: Re: vay' loSbogh ghaH. Suq

> From: "qe'San (temp ADSL email)" <>
> > vay' loSbogh  ghaH'e'.  Suq
> >
> > I've not had much skill with [-bogh] but does the first line work?
> > I was thinking of "Everything comes to he who waits".  I didn't think I
> could get a direct translation but hope that the gist is there.
> > Any other suggestions?
> I would never have understood the line.  How about a very simple and
> straightforward version:
> Hoch Suq loSwI'.

I like the simplicity.  [-laH] could also be added to carry a little more
meaning to it.
I started with Hoch for everything but because of the language felt
something was lost in meaning which is why I swapped to anything [vay']. So
still following that vein I think I'd use:

vay' SuqlaH loSwI'

> SuStel


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