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RE: I'm the newbie

I am DloraH, the one currently serving as Beginners' Grammarian.  It is my
job to help the newbies.  If you put KLBC in the subject it will flag the
message as being for me.

> First let me introduce myself: I'm a 24 yr old student of physics. I'm
> married for 4 yrs now and I live in good ole Germany

I'm 30-something; last week was one year for my marriage; and I live in ...
ole New York.  (intentionally left out the "good")

> I have been studying Klingon before but without much success. Some
> weeks before my interest has relighted and this can be thought of as my
> second attempt to get the whole thing up and running!

Were you with us back then, or did you only recently find the KLI?  We have
members in Germany; when they see this, I'm sure they will make contact.

> You might kindly notice that English is a second language for me,

Which Klingon dictionary do you have?  English or German?  If you use the
German version, be warned, there are errors.  Somebody on this list has a
webpage explaining the errors; but I don't remember who.

Welcome to the list.

DloraH, BG

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