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OOC || O/T || for Kel & Celery

heya, Mikael-David[qultoQ/Daishi/Rizzo/al'Dai/Moridin/etc] be.
sorry, for not really keeping up, might not be all that active for
for the rpgs, if someone wants to rp my char for awhile, id appreciate
it, just keep it in char...::weak smile::
anywho, things been real crazy around here lately, friend of mine, just
tried to kill herself last wednesday, slit both wrists, was in for
a while.  really kinda came as a shock, dinnit see it coming, so good
friend of mine and me and her been kinda caught up, y'know, hanging out,
support for eachother sorta thing, hard to describe.
but if anyones of a religious persuasion, could i impose upon you to keep
her in your prayers, names Jen, and Chelle and i too, to a lesser extent,
but we've been kinda hit hard with this, and 's hard to deal with this
sorta thing, a lot and a lot of emotions, conflicting or just confusing,
to try an' deal with.  but just that her life will be better that she'll
be able to see how much she's loved and that theres ~nothing~ worth
killing yourself over.
ive been there and back, and have the scars to prove it, know what shes
going thru kinda, and how much she needs to know that she really is loved
that we care for her that there is meaning and hope...
if ya would, please remember her, and us who care about her, but esp.
thanx so much for taking the time to listen to me prattle, and for
anything, thanks!
take care,

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