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Re: 'op

Alan Anderson wrote:
> ja'pu' Quvar muHwI':
> >And, do you use only "some of" the leaves?  I think {'op} does not mean "I
> >use some leaves.  Experts, help me out here.
> KGT defines {'op} thusly:  "some, an unknown or unspecified quantity (n)"
> {'op pormey} certainly does mean "some leaves".  It might or might not be
> okay to translate it as "some of"; I'd tend to avoid it, myself.
QIn ngo' vIqaw'chu'chugh, *some of* jatlhlu'meH *'op* lo'laH vay'.

If I remember an earlier post correctly, one can use *Hoch*, *'op* and
other quantifier nouns in both ways. The meaning depends on the position
of the noun relative to the noun it modifies. soooo, if i write

Hoch pormey   <all leaves>
pormey Hoch   <all of the leaves>


'op pormey    <some leaves>
pormey 'op    <some of the leaves>

Am I wrong again? 

jIQaghqa'chugh, *TKD *KGT QInmey ngo' je vIlaDqa'nIS 'e' vIQub...


> -- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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