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RE: American cars (klbc)

QIn lab Ed. jIjang. jIjatlh:
> DujlIj nguvmoHmeH rItlh lo'lu'bogh yIngu'.

jatlh Ed:
> I choose to paint with a pigment stick (DIj), because 
> the act of factory finish painting uses a robotic 
> spray system, if the vehicle was sunk into a tank of 
> primer, that would be tinting (nguv). 
> DujlIj DIjmeH rItlh lo'lu'bogh yIngu'.

<nguvmoH> is a very general term. It can apply to any process which applies
color to an object. It is therefore the safest way to go when talking about
this sort of thing. 

<DIj>, on the other hand, is very specific - it describes the process of
painting a surface with a pigment stick - essentially a big crayon. Can it
apply to what kids do with crayons? Definitely. Can it apply to an automated
robotic system using contact applied solid ink (high tech crayons)? I don't
doubt it. Can it apply to a robotic system spraying liquid paint? I'm not
sure. That's why I recommended <nguvmoH>.

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