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The Klingon Hamlet

Kathleen Bateman wrote:
> If there is any Shakespeare in Klingon that I can get hold of, how do I
> do it? You are talking to a real Shakespeare freak here, I can quote
> fluently and it used to piss my friends off when I did a version of
> curse warfare in Shakespearean quotes.

We originally printed 1026 copies of HAMLET (1000 regular, 26 deluxe in
leather). Most of that original 1000 are gone. There are some copies
left, but not so many that I was comfortable leaving it on the merchant
page. If you'd like to buy one of the remaining copies (I think we're
down to about fifty) then send me email and we can set it up.

In related news, I was on the phone yesterday with John Ordover from
Pocket Books. The curren plan is for the paperback update of Hamlet to
be in stores by the beginning of February. We will of course carry the
book on the KLI's merchant page, and if there seems to be some interest
in it I can even take advance orders. More news as I get it from the
folks at Pocket.


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