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RE: Troubles obtaining KGT

I ordered it from Amazon. I've been happy with them in the past, I am a
regular customer. I think I will wait another week, and if I still haven't
received it, then I will go with the KLI. And can I ask what you mean by a
"replacement proverb"?


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Subject: Re: Troubles obtaining KGT

Angela Anuszewski wrote:

>I'm sorry, I'm late for work, so I don't have time to try to say this in
>tlhIngan Hol. I ordered KGT two weeks ago, and they said that it was
>supposed to take 2-3 days to ship. Well, now it is 2 weeks. I got a message
>saying that they need to special order the book and that it would take 4-6
>weeks if I want a copy from them.

Angela, I don't know who you ordered this book from but it shouldn't take
anyone  a month or more to order and receive it. That's just bizarre. Most
of your larger bookstores aren't ordering directly from the publisher
either, they're dealing with a more local level warehouse. When I place the
KLI's order with Pocket Books it generally takes less than a week to get
them, so your situation just leaves me stunned. If you haven't canceled
your order yet, demand a replacement proverb from them when it finally

>Are copies still available from the KLI? (I know that they offer them on
>merchandise page, but if they don't have any lying around, I wonder if they
>will be able to get any).

The KLI *always* has copies of KGT (as well as TKD, CK, PK, etc.) in stock
and ready to ship. Caveat emptor: because our volume of sales is fairly
low, I only process the accumulated orders roughly every two weeks, usally
about the 15th and 30th of each month.


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