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Re: KLBC / Hurgh SIrgh

In a message dated 8/20/1999 4:53:50 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< > >>> roD  SeQ  wanI'vam.
 > jIja'pu':
 > >> SeQ'a'?
 > jang pIl'o'. ja':
 > > ritual. something I do in my almost pre-conscious
 > > state as the caffeine starts to kick.
 > Looking at the other definitions of <SeQ> - "be formal, ceremonial", I 
 > think this use of "ritual" works. Nice try, though. How about <motlh>?
 <motlh> is not strong enough. When a nocturnal photophobe drags herself to 
 shrine of consciousness, tithes the barrista, then quaffs her beloved 
 and theobromide, this is more than a mere circadian activity. The newspaper 
is a
 substititute for my genuflecting minions who would tell me, in quavering 
 of  the world's unsettling developments whilst I slept.   I will use <SeQ>
batlh yISuv, pIl'o'.


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