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Re: mu'qaD veS / KLBC

In a message dated 8/20/1999 3:59:50 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< Not yIH vItuQpu'. [or do I have to use <vItuQpu'be', vItuQbe'pu'>?] >>

I, too, have many questions (reservations) about this.  MO has used {not 
vIleghpu'} in TKD sample sentences.  ~mark has confirmed that {wej pongwIj 
vIwIvta'} is perfective; this one is really hard for me to comprehend.  Then, 
I read in "batlh Heghrup SuvwI' qan" by Eric Andeen {not latlh vISaw} with 
only a null aspect marker.  I'm no at all sure when I should use {-pu'} after 
{not} or {wej}.  Maybe I need to learn when to use it after other adverbials, 


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