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Re: Scooby

In a message dated 8/19/1999 10:48:17 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< >Scrappy-Doo vInge' 'e' qun vISay'moH vIneH.
 nuqjatlh?  <'e'> lo'lIj vIyajbe', 'ej mu' DaghItlhHa'ba'be'.
 -- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh >>
This looks almost like an attempt to have {'e'} possess {qun}.  I don't like 
it, either.  Perhaps I would have written "SD vInge' 'ej qunDaj vISay'moH."

P.S.  I asked for a word for "traces, vestiges" on the qep'a' javDIch wish 


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