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Re: nID cha' attn:KLBG

ja' DraQoS:
>> > Quj'a' DraQoS'vo
>> Nouns with type five suffixes like <-vo'> go at the beginning of a sentence.
>> This is not a sentence - just a fragment - but the type five suffix should
>> still go first, I think.
>This is the title of the piece. And the author (me). I am
>not sure what is wrong with this particular construction.

The main thing that *I* see wrong with it is the presence of the suffix
{-vo'} in the first place.  {-vo'} is supposed to indicate action away
from a location.  It isn't a simple translation for every use of the word
"from" in English, and this isn't even a place where English "from" makes
a lot of sense.

If you want to indicate that the piece is composed by you, you have two
basic options.   One is actually to say {Quj'a' qon DraQoS}.  The other
is to use the N-N possessive construction:  {DraQoS Quj'a'}.  It might be
appropriate to add {-'e'} to mark the topic or use punctuation to point
out that {Quj'a'} is a title.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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