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Re: HolQeD and KLBC

>qavup. qaQaH vIneH, 'ach qay'wI'lIj vIyajnIS.
>qayajchu'chugh, ben pab bIghojpu'bogh DalIjpu'.
>tlhIngan Hol pab DayajmeH, DIvI' Hol pab De' DapoQ.
>ghu'lIj Do'Ha' vIyajchu''a'?
>I sympathize with you.
>I want to help you, but I need to understand your problem.
>If I understand you correctly, you have forgotten the grammar that you 
learned years ago.
>You need information on English grammar to understand Klingon grammar.
>Do I understand your unfortunate situation correctly?

jatlh malqa':
>sigh..yes... I found a site online that might help me .. Grammer Slammer..
>it explains the parts in a way that I might be able to relearn it.. if I
>can't pick out the object.. or even know if there is one, in
>can I learn tlhIngan Hol .. 

(translation at the bottom) toH, "object"mey ghajbej DIvI' Hol! DIp (nuv, 
Daq, Doch, qech joq) Segh bIH "object"mey.

(tlhIngan Hol "clause"'a'meyDaq) cha' DIp Seghmey:
1) "subject"
2) "object"

Seghmeyvam lo' DIvI' Hol je.

mu'tlheghmeyDaq vangtaHghach mu' 'oH wot. wot DaSamchugh, ngeD "subject" 
SamtaHghach, "object" SamtaHghach je.

vangbogh nuv, vangbogh Daq, vangbogh Doch joq 'oH "subject".

"object" lughaj 'op neH mu'tlheghmey. nuv vanglu'bogh, Daq vanglu'bogh, Doch 
vanglu'bogh joq 'oH "object".

nav 33Daq raS Dalo'meH, "subject" "object" je DaSamnIS. bIngDaq bIH 


Well, English definitely has objects! Objects are a type of noun (a person, 
place, thing, or idea).

The two basic types of nouns (in Klingon main clauses, anyway) are:
1) subject
2) object

English also uses these.

The verb IS the action word(s) in the sentences; every verb in this paragraph 
IS in all caps. Once you FIND the verb, the subject and object ARE easier to 

The SUBJECT is the person or thing or place that is doing the action. Every 
SUBJECT in this paragraph is in all caps.

Not all sentences have an OBJECT. An object, also called a direct object, is 
the PERSON, THING, or PLACE that is being acted upon. All the objects in this 
paragraph are in all caps.

To use the table on page 33, you must decide what the object of your sentence 
is and what the subject of your sentence is.

For example:
jISop. I eat. Subject is "I," no object.
maSop. We eat. Subject is "we," no object.
DaSop. You eat it. Subject is "you," object is "it."
boSop. Y'all eat it. Subject is "you (plural)," object is "it."
qagh luSop. They eat gagh. Subject is "they," object is "gagh," which 
functions the same as "it."

- DujHoD

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