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Hoch.. (correction)

Please note the following correction and clarification:

In the paragraph written:

>In fact, your statement (if it was yours) contradicts when he wrote that 
>Hoch coming "after" a plural noun meant "All the X's , taken collectively" 
>(which seems equivalent to your "entirety").

*Sorry, should have been.. contradicts your “after” and his “before” , when 
he wrote that..

Also, in the last section:

>Pagh, if you wanted to suggest "All of X", wouldn't it be better to stick 
>to Krankor's suggestion of naQ instead?

*This is only if you were refering to <qo’> as a singular noun, which I 
believe it is, and if you wanted a term to "follow". Perhaps this doesn't 
quite give the meaning that you intended, but then again, meaning can be a 
very "fuzzy" area.


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