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Re: Hov leng *themes* wrote:
> (I know the title says "Star Voyage" but thats what Star Trek really means
> anyways. Also, forgive me, I don't have time to do the whole grammer thing.)
> pa' puSmey(I know, I know, its "sight" "s" [i think] but hey! It gets my
> point across.) net ghaj Hov leng *themes*
> (Ah, heck, this is taking a long time. Are there any sites out there with
> like the piano keys for Star Trek themes? [Voyager, DS9, First Contact,
> etc...] the letters. You know, A, B, C, D, etc...)

	I was told by "Heidi Wessman Kneale"[Auntie Dem] that malota' was
played in <Gm Gb and F+D E> , but then again she had four hands.

	ghe'naQ Datu'chugh choja'bej jay'

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