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Re: KLBC: Undoubtedly continue to..

ja' charghwI':
> But what about:
> Qe'Daq Qanqor vIlegh.
(qachDaq, in the following)

> If we go by the advice given us so far, I am in the bar and I'm 
> seeing Krankor, who may be in the bar or not. There's no 
> reference to Krankor's location. The locative points to where 
> the action happens and in order for the action of seeing to 
> happen in the bar, I have to be in the bar if I'm the one doing 
> the seeing.
> Otherwise, I have to say:
> qachDaq tlhutlh Qanqor 'e' vIlegh.
or, if you can't specify exactly what he was doing,

qachDaq SaHtaHvIS Qanqor, ghaH vIlegh.

> If instead I say:
> tlhutlh Qanqor qachDaq 'e' vIlegh.
or, simply, qachDaq Qanqor vIlegh....

> then I'm just saying that I'm in a bar and I'm seeing 
... Krankor.

> [more]
> Obviously, someone will disagree, simply because I said it. 
I'm not that someone (this time :)

now, what about qachDaq tlhutlhbogh Qanqor vIlegh...

frantically trying to put the lid back on...

                                           Marc Ruehlaender
                                           aka HomDoq

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