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Re: KLBC: Undoubtedly continue to..

>jatlh SuStel:
>I don't necessarily disagree with you, but I will point out that when we 
>first learned of the {-Daq vI<verb>} (etc.) rules in the interview, you 
>were adamant in refusing to let me speculate on what this may mean about 
>the broader applications of {-Daq}, etc.  You insisted that these rules 
>only applied to those specific verbs that Okrand mentioned, and could not 
>be used with any verbs not mentioned by Okrand.  Have you changed your 

jatlh ngghoy:
"these rules only applied to those specific verbs that Okrand mentioned.."
This sounds like a bit of a "control" debate. Since when does one get to 
dictate about which verbs can and can't have these rules applied, especially 
since there from the word class? Unless, there is some universal 
characteristic which divides them, that's descriminating like the blue-eyed, 
blond hair experiment.

>Personally, though it's an interesting concept, I think it may be too much 
>hair-splitting to worry about it (gads, I'm starting to sound like 
>Krankor!).  English can be equally ambiguous: "I see Krankor in the bar."  
>I might be seeing Krankor while I am in the bar, or I might be seeing 
>Krankor while he is in the bar.  Most people will understand what you 

I think this is where context comes in.. finally!

>And consider another possibility: perhaps all verbs with locatives have 
>this ambiguity, EXCEPT for the ones specifically mentioned by Okrand in the 
>interview.  Thus, {Qe'Daq Qanqor vIlegh} is ambiguous as to who is where, 
>but {Qe'Daq jIjaH} is not.

That's funny! :0

>jatlh charghwI':
>Obviously, someone will disagree, simply because I said it. Why
not? Things have gotten a little dead around here, anyway, right.


Dead? Who's dead??!!!!.. Maybe you are mellowing.
(There, have I made you a happier person by disagreeing with you?)

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