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Re: Klingon Hamlet update

>So when can we order advanced copies? (And can they be numbered?)

Since the website is in a state of flux right now we'll be holding off a bit. 
I suspect we'll start taking advance orders in early December or so. That way 
I can pre-address the envelopes and have them ready to mail out when UPS 
shows up with the delivery of books.

>Hate the fact that my issue of Hamlet is sitting unread on the shelf (hey,
>it's worth collecting. Wanted to buy another one, but the KLI sold out
>when I tried to).

We never "sold out" of Hamlet. We simply took the remaining copies off the 
merchant page. There are actually some (though not many) still left. If you 
-- or anyone else -- is interested in a copy, send me a private email at and I can fill you in with the details of ordering one.


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