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Re: Klingon Hamlet update

Excellent! .. but how will the scholarship endowment work?

>From: "Lawrence M. Schoen" <>
>Subject: Klingon Hamlet update
>Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 14:01:48 -0400
>This just in (literally) --
>Airborne Express just dropped off a packet from Pocket Books. Inside
>were two signed and completed copies of the final contract for THE
>KLINGON HAMLET, along with a check for the KLI's advance.
>It's a done deal, folks. Look for the book (with that cool cover by Phil
>Folio) at your local store in early February. You'll also be able to buy
>it from the KLI's website, and we'll be taking advance orders to speed
>things along.
>I'll be heading to the bank tomorrow to deposit the advance into a new
>account and officially start the KLI's scholarship endowment.
>Lawrence M. Schoen  --

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