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Re: Power Klingon

On Sun, 24 Oct 1999, Ian Wilkinson wrote:

> > >Does anyone here know if the CK ever was published on CD?
> > >/maHvatlh

> I have both Conversational Klingon and Power Klingon on CD.
> I got them separately, not as a bundle.  If you Live in the UK there
> are a load of shops called The Forbidden Planet, these have the CDs as
> well as loads of other stuff.

Are these shops available via the Web? (I live in Sweden so it's a bit
more difficult than just to drop by the local store...) =|:-(

> The ISBNs for them are...
> CK: 0-671-85664-2
> PK: 0-671-85667-7

> 'oghwI'


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